Re: Storing Addresses

On Tue, 30 May 2000, Nathan Clegg wrote:

> On 28-May-2000 FITZSIMMONS THOMAS wrote:
> > The address is stored as a VCARD entry in the
> > .gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd file.  I use message->from->personal
> > as the FN: field (making sure that there is not already an
> > entry with FN:message->from->personal) and then store
> > message->from->mailbox in the EMAIL;INTERNET: field. The
> > VCARD entry is placed at the end of the .gcrd file.
> Doesn't this introduce potential synchronicity problems if
> gnomecard is already runnings and overwrites balsa's changes?
Yes, these are the same synchronicity problems that arise if you are
running two instances of gnomecard.
> Seems to me the programs would have to communicate.
It would be great if the programs could communicate. Like I said in a
previous post, it would be ideal if I could open up a GnomeCard "Add"
window and fill the relevant fields with sensible defaults. I don't know
if this is possible though, with no support for bonobo in GnomeCard. Do
you have any suggestions on this?

In the meantime (before balsa switches from GnomeCard to use Evolution) I
am working on not allowing the user to add an entry to the address book if
there is an instance of GnomeCard running.

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