Quick fold of message window

Hi all,

 I found the possibility of folding/hidding the message window by just
clicking on the small arrow in Netscape very usefull. So I'm wondering
if peoples are intersted in such a feature and how this should be
implemented? I'll give it a try with pleasure.

 Actually I suppose this would implies adding a small button at the top
of the message window thus leaving a, mostly, empty line. This one is
filled with the subject of the mail in netscape. But I don't want to just
copy what netscape is looking like, so if anyone as a better idea about
how to use this space, fill free to express yourself.

 As this will essentally be my first coding with Gtk+/Gnome, it won't be
ready very quickly.



Olivier Dormond aka Odie (olivier.dormond@urbanet.ch)

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