Re: Balsa and e-post viruses

Pawel Salek <> wrote on 05/05/2000 (20:31) :
> On 2000-05-05 20:22 Preben Randhol wrote:
> > Lets hope it won't include any scripting languages either :-)
> The point is not in not having scripting languages - they are useful
> pretty often. Thepoint is in making them safe. It is M$ which give such
> a
> bad repotation to scripting but believe me, scripting can be both save
> and useful.

I agree and one thing then is to remove filesystem capabilities.

Preben Randhol -- [] -- <>
         "Det eneste trygge stedet i verden er inne i en fortelling."
                                                      -- Athol Fugard

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