Re: Balsa and e-post viruses

Mikael Hermansson <> wrote on 05/05/2000 (20:15) :
> The thing is that linux is safer on this if user isn't stupid 
> and is using root as default user account.

Lets hope Darwin rules them out quickly :-)

> if he/she is using this executable file with another account he atleat
> only remove his own account info :-)

Yes, but that can be bad enough. Think about it. If you manage to delete
your work and the last backup was a week old or something (even more
usually as people do not take backups)

> But if I'm right balsa will NEVER implement a execute command for
> attachments :-)

Good :-)

Lets hope it won't include any scripting languages either :-)

Preben Randhol -- [] -- <>
         "Det eneste trygge stedet i verden er inne i en fortelling."
                                                      -- Athol Fugard

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