Re: Threaded programming question

On Sun, 25 Jun 2000, Peter Williams wrote:
> Judging from the CVS comments and changes, it looks like the call is
> redundant because the function exits and sends a MSGMAILTHREAD_LOAD to the
> main thread while in threaded mode. I'm pretty sure that you can't really
> rely on the mailbox locks because these locks are the flock kind, not the
> mutex kind, so the other thread could be in the middle of an operation on
> the mailbox thinking that it /also/ had a lock.

Which call is redundant?  The one to load_messages?  The problem is that I
need that call in the mailbox updating code.  I was thinking about taking
the load_messages call out of the threaded section, and having all mailbox
loading/updating go through balsa_mblist_check_new.  I think this will
eliminate the mailbox locking problems... any thoughts?


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