Balsa Wish List ??

Just 1 or 2 things I have come across since working with Balsa ..

1) We have a remote IMAP server (slow Mail Download !!) and so I have
disabled the preview pane - no problem .. Then, when I view a mail, it
spawns the child window with the mail message .. also ..great.
However, is it possible to then cycle through the remaining messages in
this "child" window without having to close and reopen the next mail ?? 
something like a "next" and "previous" in the mail viewing window .. ??

2) When accessing balsa, it first attempts to read all the mail headers
off the IMAP server before allowing you to access any features ..
Is it not possible to fork a process into background with a simple dialog
saying "Retrieving Mail Headers .." in the Mailbox Window ?? while still
allowing you to access your local accounts / start writing messages ..

3) I seem to have a version of gnomecard that is either too early/late ..
Is there no workaround for this ?? (I use SuSE 6.3 / WindowMaker )

4) I have noticed that when retrieving mail from the IMAP Server with an
attachment (We are using OpenMail) it sometimes does not save the
attachment properly (It seems to be if a mail is forwarded to you
that contains an attachment .. ie: More headers) 

5) What are the possibilities of a "Stop" Button ?? while retrieving a
mail from an IMAP Server - Particularly when it is downloading a big
message body ??

Other than this I must admit that it is a great product and I must commend
you on a well polished Interface with rich features that is really a
pleasure to work with ..

If you read all the way to here .. thanks for bearing with me .... :o) ..


                              ADRIAN SNYMAN
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