[patch] Feature: Flagging messages as important

Dear Balsa Developers,

I am being brave here and attempting to add some features to this great mail
reader. Attached is a patch which adds a menu item "Toggle flagged", which will
mark the selected messages as important. I use it to classify message as
important, and was uncomfortable without it <Grin>. Also included is an icon,
"flagged.xpm" which I gimped up for flagged messages. "flagged.xpm" needs to be in

If you have one message selected, the operation is simple: toggle the FLAGGED
attribute of the message. However, if multiple messages are selected, it does not
make sense to toggle each message individually. Instead, it will flag all of
the selected messages if any of the selected messages are unflagged, and unflag
all of the selected messages otherwise. 

I did not find an easy way to put the 'flagged.xpm' icon in the menu, since the
menu is statically created at compile-time and flagged.xpm is loaded when it is
needed. Any suggestions?

Please let me know if there are any problems with this patch.

Terence Haddock



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