Re: Another Store Address Patch

	Hi, all:

> 1. When the user has GnomeCard open and is storing addresses in balsa,
> then closes GnomeCard, saving changes that GnomeCard has made will
> overwrite the vCards stored from balsa. Does anyone know a good way of
> checking whether GnomeCard is running? Are there any other Gnome programs
> that check to see if another program is running?

	Gnomecard running:

	$ ~/download/> ps x | grep gnomecard
	  459 tty2     S      0:01 gnomecard
	  484 pts/0    S      0:00 grep gnomecard
	$ ~/download/> 

	Gnomecard not running:

	$ ~/download/> ps x | grep gnomecard
	  486 pts/0    S      0:00 grep gnomecard
	$ ~/download/> 

> 2. The first time the user tries to store an address in balsa, they will
> get an error if there is no GnomeCard.gcrd file. I think this needs to be
> addressed in the balsa installation druid -- the installation should not
> proceed unless there is an accessible GnomeCard.gcrd file in ~/.gnome.

	I don't agree with "the installation should not proceed", because not
everybody will use this feature, and with this position, you force
everyone who wants to use Balsa to install Gnomecard as well.

	Greetings from Spain.

Pablo López Cienfuegos

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