Re: Bug fix release?

On 2000-06-06 10:59 Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > I would /really/ like to work out this mailbox-update-detecting
> > issue  -- when the mailbox changes under Balsa, we do NOT handle it.
> > At all. I'm really hoping that there's no libmutt crapitude
> > underlying this but I really want to work it out.
> > 
> i looked at that for like 2 nights, and my conclusion was "it should
> work". then i noticed my conclusion was obviously wrong and i didn't
> totally understand what was going on. 

Neither do I. I actually observe two issues: sometimes the deleted
messages are not removed from the mailbox on the disk, and sometimes whena
previously opened mailbox is marked as updated and I click on it, it turns to
be empty, no even old messages. I have to close it, open it again (still no
messages), close again, and open - and then it is finally alright. Do you
guys understand that? (I admit I din't look much at this part of the

Concerning other bugs, I think we are doing pretty well, I can recall at
least 4 pretty nasty bugs squashed since 0.8 (have checked ChangeLog and
found 6).


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