Re: Version 0.8.0

On May 24 2000 Jake Meier wrote:
> I just downloaded, configured, made, and installed 0.8.0 but I can't get
> the spell check option to work.  Has it not been implemented yet in 0.8.0
> or is it looking for something that it can't find.  I configured with
> enable-all and enable-threads, but I don't see much of a change from
> 0.8.0-pre1.  Any help would be appreciated.

Spell checking isn't working yet, though I have taken a look at it and plan to
get something done "soon". I've talked to the authour of Aspell and Pspell (a
portable spell-check library), and they look like good libraries that should be
fully complete by the end of the summer. Pspell should allow people to use
Ispell or Aspell at their convenience, whatever's on their system. I just have
to figure out a good way of integrating it into the interface and coding it up.
So hopefully it shouldn't be too long.  For sure it will be in by 1.0.

As for there not being much of a change between 0.8.0-pre1 and 0.8.0, that's the
idea of a pre-release. You don't add any new features, you just put a
pre-release out so people can test it for bugs before a full release. 


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