Re: New Features

On May 29 2000 t0ny dE almEida lOpes wrote:
> I love Balsa and it's the only Email program I use for UNIX.

Wow.  Thanks!

> I was wondering though, will you be supporting gtkHTML, Bonobo, and the new
> gnome-print stuff? I ask this because the display of messages is pretty poor. I'd
> like to be able to view MIME, HTML and AOL formats of emails. Maybe this is
> already possible, but I don't see it.

We do plan to use gtkHTML, it's going to be part of a major revamping of the
whole message display panel. However, we want to wait until it's stable, or the
developers have at least frozen the API. It will probably be in for 1.0. As for
Bonobo and gnome-print, those sound like really good ideas, but right now I
don't know if anyone has looked at it or has the inclination to do so... we're
all pretty busy already. :)  

> Also my other question is when will filters be ready and enabled for us to
> use?

I know you probably don't want to hear this but... when they're done. I don't
know if anyone is currently working on them, though I do recall some traffic on
the list to that effect a while ago.

Patches always welcome :)

> One more question.. Whatcha think about Evolution so far?
> (

I've been following the development, and it looks like it's going to be a very
functional, slick product. However I don't think I'll end up using it simply
because it looks like it's going to be too noisy. Before I got into Balsa, I was
a hardcore mutt user (still am to an extent) because it was really fast to read
a lot of mail if you knew what you were doing. Evolution seems to be aimed not
simply at email, but at groupware, so the email is only one facet of a large
program. The Bonobo stuff and the Camel backend are very cool though, I'd like
to put that in Balsa for sure.


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