balsa idl - new draft

Ok, another try at a sane IDL for balsa. It's compatible with the evolution
interface and it actually does something usefull. I'm not totally sure about
what to make of Message, particularly the attachments bit.

  IDL for Balsa

module GNOME {
  module Balsa {
    exception UnknownFolder {
      string reason;
    exception UnknownMessage {
      string reason;

    interface Message {
      attribute string to;
      attribute string cc;
      attribute string subject;
      attribute string body;
      attribute string attachments;

      void add_attachment ( in string filename );

      boolean send_message( );

    interface MessageList {
      void select_message ( in long index ) raises (UnknownMessage);
      void open_message   (in long message_number);
      Message get_message ( in long index );     

    interface FolderBrowser {
      attribute boolean has_unread_messages;

      void open_folder( in string path ) raises (UnknownFolder);

      boolean put_message( in Message message) raises (UnknownFolder);

      oneway void close_folder();

      MessageList get_unread_message_list();
      MessageList get_message_list();


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