I was playing around this morning with different ideas for
searching/filters.  This is a sketch of a dialog that I thought might
offer a useful start...  But I'd like any constructive input before I
start to play with it...

First, for searching this would initially be a simple Find dialog, then
Find again.  (This would be a simple approach for one mailbox.  If I (or
someone else) has time we could store the results in a new index page, but
that might take some work.)  The first second and third columns are
supposed to represent drop-down boxes.

Search Mailbox: [mailbox list]

For Messages in which:
   [any header]  [contains]		[any]	[text field for exp.]
    from	 doesn't contain	 all
    to		 is before (DD/MM/YYYY)	perl regex
    subject	 is after (DD/MM/YYYY)   -- (if date)
    cc		 older than (x days)

and {... 2nd row like above ...}
and {... 3rd row...}

   [Find]   [Cancel]

To add a filter, we could reword the above so that it makes sense in
context, then add something like the following:

 (x) Move message to mailbox [mailbox list, default = Trash]
 ( ) Delete without saving copy in Trash

 Apply filter to:
  (x) New messages
  ( ) All messages in folder

   [Add Filter]  [Cancel]  [Apply Filter Now]

Of course, we'd need a dialog to list the filters for a particular mailbox
and allow users to add filters, delete filters, and to change the order in
which the filters are applied.

What do you think?


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