Re: Secure IMAP

Hrm.....well, I may consider using something as a 'meantime' mail client
until this gets finished, assuming that it will be finished in the
relatively near future.  Is there any roadmap which indicates when this
might be completed?  I understand that it's difficult to give an actual
time frame, but how about a possible version number?  Has any thought been
put into that yet?  Thanks again.

-Ben Pitzer
NeTraverse, inc.

Pawel Salek wrote:

> On 2000-12-15 18:45:02 +0100 Ben Pitzer wrote:
> > I'm brand new to the list, and to balsa.  My question is simple:
> >
> > Does balsa support secure IMAP connections.
> It does support secure (non-plain text) IMAP authorization (CRAM-MD5 and
> GSS). The SSL-IMAP is theoretically there but practically not finished.
> /Pawel
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