Re: balsa-0.8.0-pre1

Of course the settings are sticky, However the tab list does need to be
populated if one chooses not to select tree view.

Incidently while trying to populate the tab list with folders I got seg
faults three times in succession which killed balsa stone dead. Some
of my mail folders are quite large!

On Fri, 21 Apr 2000 11:03:29 Paul Lewis wrote:
> Balsa 0.8.0-pre1 is neat, Thanks for including the option to select
> mailbox tree or tab display. The two grumbles I have with it is that
> i) I would have thought the options should be sticky from one
>    session  to another.
> ii) If you selects the option to display tabs, then all mailfolders should
>     be displayed when Balsa starts.
> - At the moment you seem to have to start up in tree view select each 
> mail folder so that it displays in the tabs, then switch off the tree view.
> If you shut down balsa and restart it is necessary to go through the
> whole process.
> Is it just my system or does the compose window seem very slow?
> (64Mb ram Cyrex 200Mhz)
> Regards
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