Re: deleting folders

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Joaquim Fellmann wrote:
> > Lastly.  It's easy.
> > change to the mail directory and "tar zcf filename.tar.gz file"
> don't you fell ashamed to post on a _Gnome_ mailer mailing list with such a
> mailer ? ;-)

Why should I feel (hmm you're spellcheck didn't catch your mispelling of
'feel') ashamed?  I don't discriminate, and I don't feel that I should be
discriminated against.  I use KDE, and even developed some toolbar icons for it
(see the URL in my signature).  However I've also used Gnome for a period of
time before and have nothing against it.  In fact I rely on a couple of
gtk-based programs for which no kde-equivalent exists.  Gnome comes up with
some good ideas as does KDE, so I like to hear about them on the mailing lists,
and if anything sounds particularly good, I download the latest version and try
it out.

In my view, as long as it's *nix, it's good, be it linux, solaris, *bsd, kde,
gnome, window maker, whatever.  Diversity is good.  Even Windows is good,
because it provides competition (more so than the kde vs. gnome competition). 
Why should we fight against each other when we could be working together to
fight against the evil closed-source opressors (such as Microsoft) out there?

- Rivyn [ Casey Allen Shobe ]
- [ ICQ: 1494523 ]

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