Re: Wish list feature - multiple identities

On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Sean Buckley wrote:

> On Sun, 16 Apr 2000 16:56:43 David Lu wrote:
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> > perhaps a default smpt server per identity as well...
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> > 			- david -
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> Not too sure about this idea - if you have multiple accounts with one ISP the
> outgoing mail will route through a single smtp server. If you have more than one
> ISP you can usually only send to the smtp server of the account you are dialled
> in to - this could cause problems if you sent mail from more than one identity
> in a session.
> Personally I use sendmail anyway... anyone got any thoughts on whether smtp
> server should be part of the per identity configuration?
> Sean.

This should go in. With spam filters and multiple accounts from multiple
locations, here's a scenario:

Dialed up to, but also have an email account from The
first has relay rulesets which do not permit me to send out with a return
address of, so I need to use's mail servers. 

Assigning different mail servers to different identities would make sense.
I have this situation myself, as I have my work ( account and my
own personal colocated server at work ( with multiple accounts on
both sides.


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