Multi-threaded mail and CVS problem

I have multi-threaded POP3 mail retrieval working with, using
pthreads.  (It also modifies the mailbox lock macros in mailbox.c so that
they call mutex routines to avoid having different threads access the same
mailbox at the same time.)  It's been fairly stable for me, but I'm still
trying to iron out of couple of potential 'issues'.  I'd like to try to
patch it against the CVS code, but I'm having a problem generating the
configure scripts.

1)  would someone be willing to review the patch and give me feedback
before it goes into the CVS code.

2)  I need help to compile the CVS code.

I'm running the script, but after some warning messages, and
after producing a configure script, it runs the configure script and I get
a message about an error regarding Macro AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h).

I've tried using --prefix command line options, etc..

I see the macro AM_CONFIG_HEADER defined in /usr/share/aclocal.

I have all of the necessary libraries (I can compile without
problem), Redhat 6.0, with automake, autoconf, gettext, etc., installed.
I've been trying to make my way through the automake info files, I've read
the gnome faq, etc., with no luck.

Any hints?

I can give more detail if necessary.


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