Hello, Im new and already have questions :-)

Hi my name is Hector

Im new to this list, and as you can see from my mail header Im not using balsa yet.
Not because I dont want (I would love to do so), but because I havent been able
to solve a few problems yet. May someone help me?
I dont know if there is a newer version, Im using (I downloaded last
weekend), if so, where is it at?
Well, Ill explain my problem to see if any of you can help me.

1. I cannot have maildir or mh. I understood that they are supported but I could not
find no where to tell balsa to use them insted of mailbox. There is no manual

2. I asume is some type of security checksum or something like it, but when I try to
change something in the sources the make stops always when making the directory po,
why is this? how can I change the sources and compile my changes to probe them?

3. I belive that somebody is working in making balsa work with threads so it doesnt
lock while retriving and sending mail. who is doing it and how is it going? can I
help? (if you need any of course?

Thanks to all the person who work in this proyect so we can all use it (it looks
like is going to be one of the best mail clients in the open source comunity)


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