Re: feature request.

I agree to this.

I didn't say that it would change :)

but any way, I haven't looked into it. But would it be a big job to add
something like --TEXT FILE-- in the canvas when text files are included?
(and other attachments that are viewed in preview-pane.)

Now it's not possible to save plain text files.


On Mon, 29 Nov 1999 19:31:33 Stuart Parmenter wrote:
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> > 3. gnome-canvas.
> >         I guess your pointing at preview-pane? This is something that we
> >         have been discussing, but we never mad any conclution to this.
> >         One of the reasons why gnome-canvas is used, are for inline attachment
> >         viewing.
> Text boxes are ugly and don't provide things you want in a message
> display window such as inline attachments, clicking on things inside of
> them, and the general freedom that the canvas allows you to use.  Once
> mozilla is ready to be embedded, I will do it (one of the reasons I
> originally started working on Mozilla was to have something that could
> display messages nicely).  I don't see any reasons to make any large
> changes to this code with the exception of getting text selection
> working.
> stuart
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