Re: Drat! (2) (Re: Todo list -- POP3 retriever) (threads/libmutt/rewrite/longsubject)

On Mon, 22 Nov 1999, Peter Williams wrote:

> > Other Issues:
> > 
> > On libmutt -- yes, I don't like it much either.  However, if anyone does
> > go in to 'update' the mutt code to something newer, please talk to me so I
> > can point out some changes I've made to the code (for pop3 download).  I
> > know that it's been modified, at least, by others to try to get it to
> > update the GUI during mail downloads, because I've had to go through and
> > remove these references to get threads to work.
> > 
> We will keep that in mind. Does anyone know where that libmutt code came from?
> Is there someone maintaining it?

I think libmutt is mutt and you can get it from Downloaded
the 1.0i version and the code looks very mutch like the code on balsa.
What I had in mind was a look at the newer code and see what bugs where
fixed and then update the version of balsa with that. And if possible add
some of the new stuff mutt has like the mail threads (not the
multi-threaded mail retrieving).

> > On the total re-write.  If the evolution/gnome-mailer team is working on
> > an outlook clone, it might be better to start from 'the ground up' there.
> > I'm interested in contributing there once things slow down, and I know
> > people have raised the possibility that parts of balsa may be useful for
> > them (at least once we work with the GUI a bit), but it seems that part of
> > the impulse behind balsa now is to get something out in the meantime and
> > to provide a client for people who don't want a full outlook clone.
> > 
> If we are looking for a total rewrite Evolution is the thing to work on. Also,
> 'working off of libbalsa' is not very helpful, because basically all libbalsa
> does is mask libmutt (libmutt uses the global variables to store config 
> information... eek).

What we need to do is to work on the frontend of balsa in a way that is
going to be easy to change this frontend to evolution. For the
backend we just need to fix bugs and not too mutch since evolution is
going to substitute the backend.

                                               Bruno Pires Marinho

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