Re: Go Go Gnome Druid!

This is neat.

One remark: The "system" mailboxes now starts with an capital letter. I'm sure it's not that bigger deal, but for all the balsa users out there. This could be anoying :)

All should remove their ~/.balsarc to just see this new stuff. :)

I saw one more bug, after pushing the finnish button, the window doesn't close. But that's maybe the bug you're refering to?


On Mon, 22 Nov 1999 05:03:35 Peter Williams wrote:
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> Hey everyone,
> I just commited a complete rewrite of balsa-init.c, the setup code
> for Balsa, which now uses the GnomeDruid. The setup is very pretty
> and I believe bulletproof, although the code beneath it is pretty
> crufty.
> The only bug I know of is that there are some labels that don't
> get redrawn, so it seems you have an empty dialog box. I'm looking
> into that.
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