Re: CVS commit

On Sat, 20 Nov 1999 07:18:12 Ragnar Henriksen wrote:
> I have one question: Is there any reason why all the callback
> functions isn't enabled to the "world"? There are some functions there
> that could been enabled, and popup menus could been build without
> duplicating any code.

I think I get this... do you mean, "Why do we have
	static void folder_explode_cb( ... );
instead of
	void folder_explode_cb( ... );

You are correct; when code is duplicated it should not be
static; but IMHO it should not be a callback either. In 
the case of duplicated functionality we want something like
(all these are made up, BTE)

void popup_menu_explode_cb( Menu *, FolderSelection * )
	balsa_explode_folder( FolderSelection );

void main_menu_explode_cb( void )
	balsa_explode_folder( balsa_get_selected_folder() );

> -Ragnar-

Peter Williams

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