Re: Todo list

On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, David Pickens wrote:

> On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, Jules Bean wrote:
> > More substantial todos:
> > 
> > o Thread mails
> > o Better IMAP support
> > 
> > Jules
> OK, sorry for my protracted absence from the list!  Unfortunately, I
> dropped off the face of the earth for work reasons.  For those who weren't
> on the list awhile back, I had a working patch for multi-threaded mail
> checking;  I was holding off on committing this to the development tree so
> that I could clean it up a bit -- my first stab was a bit messy -- and
> more importantly, to re-think how I might have balsa display the progress.
> I was trying to get the tread to "play nice" with GTK which was a big
> mistake.  Taking my lead from a discussion on gnome-devel, I'll probably
> use glib/g_io_add_watch to have the main thread handle GTK
> widget/dialog stuff, but I have to look into this further.

David's threaded mail checking is important.  But it's not what I meant by
'thread mails' ;)

I meant grouping mails in the same discussion into a hierarchical thread!

Which is probably moderately hard...


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