Balsa: What Worked

My quest for an X11 email client continues ... but I did get Balsa to
compile, thanks to the help of folks from this list:

As Guy Steven pointed out to me, the correct Balsa release to get is
located at:

I needed several GNOME development versions that I did not already have,
orbit, esd and audiofile ... and, as mentioned, I needed to run orbit-idl
on balsa-0.4.9/idl/balsa.idl ... after that it compiled fine. 

Balsa is, though, one of the cleanest-looking, functional and intuitive
email clients I've seen for X11... there are definitely bugs I noticed,
like double-clicking on Drafts or Trash will automatically segfault out of
the program. Everything I want, but possibly not the stability I'm looking
for at this stage.

Does anyone here use Balsa for their day-to-day mail? If used in
conjunction with fetchmail, you are sort of protected as the mail is in the
folders and not a Balsa file at least (although there is a Balsa-generated
index file unique to Balsa?).

Anyway, aside from a little more feeling of stability --- I think a cool
functionality of the program would be for each mailbox/folder to have its
own configuration file, for reply-to, mail server, etc. Now here's the
question: can someone like me with a lot of perl-type programming
experience do this in C? Hmm... 

Anyway, I would like to help or even head up a FAQ ---

Alright -- trying inject some life into this list! 

-- ryan

p.s. I did try TkRat, which is very nice -- I hate the user interface --
but has a lot of the features that Balsa is lacking ... 

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