got CVS working after all !

Dear all,

I am very happy, cause I got Balsa working after all ! My SuSE6.0 was not in ideal position for all those horrid compilations. (gnome 1)

BTW there was a bug somehow : in ./balsa/intl/Makefile , the SHELL= variable stayed at @SHELL@ making install impossible so I changed it to /bin/sh ... goes ok.
Of course, I also had to copy /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 to ./balsa/aclocal.m4 ... Thanks, now it compiles very nicely.

Unfortunatly, there are a few features I would like to appear in Balsa, if the guys doing it have some minutes ^_^ ...

1. Change fonts in all the windows. Especially composer window.
2. sent-mail folder could be nice !
3. hmm... gnomecard compatibility ???
4. for some reason, attached pictures could show up in the pan/preview window.
5. remember size and window placement !
6. TAB key should work in the compose window to switch between ALL fields, not only a few.
7. in the compose view, when you resize the window, you have the attachement field getting giant !

For information, I was using the balsa CVS as from 13/03/99 at 04:00 local PARIS time.

thank you so much for your concern, and thanks for the work you are doing to have a nice email software for gnome.

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