current activity


I have been using gnome for some time and have a great interest in the
balsa emailer. 

I would like to ask all of you on the list what are the current
tasks/goals being worked on right now, and what is the state of the balsa
CVS code.

I have had a few problems with balsa, specifically using it with a dialup
pop3 mail account. I will outline these problems below.

Major issues:
- Balsa does not seem to erase messages from the pop3 server, so
duplicates pile up in the "inbox" every time mail is retrieved from the
pop3 mailbox.

-If the network is not up (ie the modem is off) and the mail is checked,
balsa will report a DNS error and then shutdown. I think it should warn of
the DNS error but not shutdown.

-There is no option for copies of sent mail to be put in the "Outbox".
This is an important behavior for some people.

Minor issues:
-Inbox is not opened automatically when balsa is started.

-Address books dont work (being implemented currently I believe.)

-Cannot choose font for compose mail editor window.

-Preview pane does not recieve scrollbars correctly somethimes, and
messages are occationally not displayed in their entirety.

I would like to ask if some of these problems have been addressed already
in CVS, and if it would be worthwhile for me to do a build. 

Thank you for your help,

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