Re: Configuration

On Thu, 4 Mar 1999, Brady Hegberg wrote:
> Hmmm, how hard would it really be to add a setting that allows the user to
> choose whether to download all messages or just unread messages?

Shouldn't be hard, probably should be done.  I was mostly objecting to it
being called "industry standard".

> It turns out that my ISP does support IMAP after all so to tell the truth I
> care less about this issue than I did yesterday.  I can see the logic in
> leaving behind inferior outdated technologies such as POP.  But on the 
> other hand a good hacker could probably implement such a feature in
> around 15 minutes.

POP3 is better than IMAP if all you want to do is get email from one
machine (or many machines) and put it on another.  IMAP is better if you
want to see mail on one machine from many, or if you want to manage your
mail on the server rather than the client.  They both have their place.


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