Re: Configuration

Hmmm, how hard would it really be to add a setting that allows the user to
choose whether to download all messages or just unread messages?

It turns out that my ISP does support IMAP after all so to tell the truth I
care less about this issue than I did yesterday.  I can see the logic in
leaving behind inferior outdated technologies such as POP.  But on the 
other hand a good hacker could probably implement such a feature in
around 15 minutes.

Also I wouldn't say that this is a discouraged feature, actually what the rfc
below states is that large scale mail servers may want to put quotas on their
POP users.  It seems to me that if they are going to do so then they 
should also inflict similar quotas on their IMAP users.  It says nothing 
about polocies for mail clients except to state that it may be confusing 
for users if they set their mail program to keep messages on the server 
but then the server deletes the files automatically after a set period.

- Brady

>> That is not a standard POP3 feature, and as I said above, it is an
>> actively discouraged feature.  Have you looked at the POP3 standard at
>> all?  Before you start saying what is "standard", it is helpful to
>> look up the standard.  Find it at
>I agree here and that is why I frequently point people to IMAP.  If they
>want functionality beyond "download-and-delete" then they shouldn't use
>POP.  If they don't have IMAP then they will have to find a client that
>will kludge around it.

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