Re: Configuration and reinventing the wheel

What about putting the functionality of the filtering into an orb? I realize
that this would complicate some of the portability aspects; in requiring
orbit. We may be able to provide for the use of an orb or procmail type

Also regarding keyboard maps why not have the user decide which keys do
what? Apparently editors such joe, emacs and xemacs provide the capability
to use vi, joe, and Pico command sequences.



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Date: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: Configuration

>On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Walt Armour wrote:
>> On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Jules Bean wrote:
>> > On Tue, 2 Mar 1999 wrote:
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>> >
>> > Message Filtering!
>> >
>> > Does anyone apart from me think that balsa is the wrong place to do
>> > message filtering?  Personally, I think message filtering is best done
>> > a special-purpose app, like procmail or exim, and is possibly done
>> > 'upstream' at the IMAP server.  Even if you use POP, it seems to me
>> > fetchmail+procmail is a neater filtering solution that balsa - why
>> > we reinvent the wheel?
>> >
>> I decided to start working on balsa for several reasons.  One of them is
>> long term and involves the "ease-of-use" facilities of Linux (or lack
>> thereof currently).  I want to see Linux go mainstream desktop and I
>> believe that to accomplish that we _have_ to win over Joe User to our
>> desktop.
>I admit to being a different wavelength here.  I want Linux to be the
>best.  I'm not too bothered about whether Joe User uses it - it's his
>loss, not mine.  However, I do understand your points.
>> I like balsa and believe that it can help in the long-term effort by
>> a kind of "all-in-one" mail tool.  I'm not talking about a complete
>> kitchen sink setup but something along the lines of the popular Win32
>> tools that people are used to today.  And please, don't start the windows
>> flames.
>> Given the choice which would you prefer to setup: a mailclient which does
>> what you need OR mailclient+fetchmail+procmail to get what you need.  I'm
>> pretty sure I know what Joe User will say.
>Fair point.  I say the opposite :-)  One of the traditional strengths of
>Linux (indeed, anything on the un*x model) is the way that separate tools
>can easily interoperate to combine to do things the original authors
>hadn't thought of.  procmail is a very powerful filter tool - indeed, I
>suspect it's more or less turing complete, and can do anything!  So why
>reinvent the wheel (but please read on before replying...)
>> Personally, I don't want to resort to three programs to properly receive
>> and filter my mail.  I want to be able to crank up one app, tell it where
>> to get my mail, and tell it what to do with my mail.
>> Besides, even if we do include some kind of filtering in balsa there is
>> requirement that it be used.  You can still setup fetchmail+procmail and
>> go that route if you want.
>Of course.  And that's the killer argument.  If you want to work on a
>superb filtering system, then I'm certainly not going to stand in your
>way!  I may not use it, though..
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