Continuing bigpatch.

I forgot to tell you if balsa breaks when you start it that maybe because
of the new sent and draft boxes not present on .balsarc. In this case it
is better to backup that file and then erase it and after the
initialization shutdown balsa and copy the new folders on the new
balsarc to the old balsarc and then put the new balsarc on it's right
If this is too much for you or you have 20 mailboxes configure it is
better to just erase .balsarc.
Later we will fix this kind of problem.

I have been working more on bigpatch and here are the changes.

	patch Jun 18 Ragnar Henriksen

And I also added new stuff that I'm going to enumerate here.

	* Fixed the saving of the size of the window (I hope it is
	* New navigational keys
		When you are using up_arrow or down_arrow or pgup or
		pgdn on the view pane you can use n for next email and
		p for previous email
	* Add a new field to select the fcc on the send-window and do it
	  correctly. Invalid entry count as an empty one 
	  (last patch add a little bug)
	* I hate the pine internal folder data message showing up on balsa
	  so I added code to prevent it from showing up.
	* Add new button and new menu option to continue editing messages
	  on drafbox only (The icon is not good but it works)
	* Add a new button on send-window to postpone the message to draft
	  box (The icon is not good but it works).
	* Fixed a stupid bug that prevented the correct use of characters
	  like  on the subject (it was missing the Charset on libmutt)
	* I like the attachment text to be saved like the other
	  attachments so I implemented that
	* Bcc was not implemented on the send message window but I turned
	  it on. I don't know why it was off but now is on.

There some problems I didn't had time to manage (I'm not touching this
till next Tuesday night so if anyone want to contribute to the stuff
missing to the replace pine with balsa I would appreciate)

	* When you postpone a reply message when you continue it later and
	  send it you will not get the replied message marked with reply
	* When you continue a message the attachment stuff is lost. This
	  a problem that requires more work
	* When you continue a message the fcc stuff is lost.
	* The commit some times doesn't work. This is bad and I think I
	  have isolated the problem
	* The icons for the continue and postpone buttons are not good...
	  but they work for now
	* The first time you close a mailbox the mailbox-list gets
	  resized. I don't know if this only happens to me but I want to
	  fix this because it is annoying.
	* I have 80 columns on the composing window like pine but when the
	  text gets wrapped instead of insert a new line it inserts an
	  arrow and that makes my lines bigger that 80 columns. Does
	  anyone know how to fix this?
	* I think it is bad if we can't save the text attachments like the
	  other attachments.

New features I would love to have

	* Search on the mailboxes
	* Spell checker on send window

This patch must be applied also to a clean cvs snapshot like the other

This patch is a little big. I think the next patch will be to be applied
on top of this one because the bigpatch is getting a little big! Or if
you prefer the old pack maybe I will put it on an URL to be downloaded.
                                               Bruno Pires Marinho


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