Given that most people seem to think that balsa does need a major overhaul, and
there do seem to be different thoughts on it, and no balsa author has responded
to anything recently...

I propose interested developers begin the development of a new GNOME mailer.
I'm happy to offer to work on the GNOME GUI, I really enjoy programming with
GTK and GNOME. Plus I have the facilities to host a CVS server, a web server,
and a mailing list.  A true open source project, development will be
coordinated on the mailing list by the developers, with no set author. Anyone
requesting access to the CVS server will get it. (CVS is fairly safe when you
consider nobody can do anything but wreck the current version, and there are
tens of other developers who would see intentional worm or such, and it
couldn't do great harm anyways.)

As for the backend of this proposed client, it would be based on local mail
boxes, with a GUI fetchmailrc editor. Filtering would also use procmail, also
with a GUI editor for the configuration file. I think this is the best way to
go personally. ;)

Now, I realize it's not very courteous to consider this on the balsa-list, but,
balsa needs a major re-write, that has been agreed upon. And the author(s) are
currently busy. This is my proposed solution to the problem of balsa
inactivity. I think this would be the best course of action right now, and
perhaps balsa and this client could mutually benefit from each other once they
are in development.

Mathieu Fenniak

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