Re: going forward

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Peter Williams wrote:

> Obviously we should try to integrate these personal address book projects. IMHO
> we should work out a little document so we know how it's going to work... does anyone
> have any familiarity with address book implementation? Do we want to make this a 
> simple name/address correspondence, or do we want to go all-out with lots of data along
> the lines of gnome-card? 

Currently the work that I have is a nice UI, automatically imports data from
gnome-card that has an e-mail address (this will be changed to use CORBA,
currently I'm cheating and reading the GnomeCard.gcrd file. ;) New simple
entries consisting of name and e-mail address can be added, and they'll be
added to the gnome-card database but with just the name and e-mail. I was
thinking that maybe invoking gnome-card to edit those might be a better idea
though. Anyways.

> This seems like something good to work on because it's basically independent of the
> rest of Balsa, so whatever happens to the base sources is OK. I heard someone mention
> implementing CORBA, and another about not liking GTK+... let's charge ahead, figure out
> what our various skills are, and divvy up some work! I am very familiar with C but new
> to Unix programming... so I can do internals but if I start working on system interface
> I'll probably introduce some huge security hole ;)

I enjoy programming GTK+/GNOME stuff. Quite a bit actually, I'm finding it very
enjoyable. Mind you, I'd find sketching a UI out of dog pooh with a piece of
spagetti more enjoyable than working with MS's MFC, which is the last GUI I've
devleoped for, so. ;) I can do backend stuff too, but at the moment perfer
playing with the UI. :)

Mathieu Fenniak

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