Re: Address Book

On Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Jesse D. Sightler wrote:
> If you are completely allergic to CORBA, I would be willing to help out,
> but it really shouldn't be hard.  The real challenge is more in the user
> interface, IMO.  But that could just be becuase I've learned that I
> really DON'T like GTK+ programming.:)

Not so much of an allergy as much as no experience. This is what I wanted to do
but I'd love a hand. If you could right some stuff to get the data, which I
just finished reading from ~/.gnome/GnomeCard.gcrd manually.. *grin* It'd be
great if you could do that. I've already got the UI all done. And it looks
rather nice if I say so myself, gnome stock pixmaps help a lot.

Mathieu Fenniak

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