Re: Count me in

Hi folks,

I wrote e-mail regarding Balsa to Stuart Parmenter dozen days ago. Acording to him Balsa is on temporary hold. He is/was busy ith GTK code in Mozilla. 

There were no signs of life in Balsa CVS for few months. Meanwhile there was lot of hype on gnome-mailer list, but AFAIK they didn't produce anything usable (no offense). Result is that GNOME doesn't have USABLE MUA. 

I was playing with balsa sources more than week. Balsa is good basement but IMHO it needs serious rewrite. I decided to create spinoff (named glacier) just as proof of concept and wait for Stuart's return :-). Balsa-project needs leader and I think that Stuart is respected and still recognized as leader so we can wait few more weeks. Meanwhile, we can discuss some ideas and short term goals. Balsa-list looks like ideal place ...

Just my $0.02 :-)


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