Re: Balsa Core Dump w/out ".baslarc" file. (was Re:I hate this)

There's a standard build procedure for most gnome packages.

cd ORBit; ./

or you can be a masochist and try doing things by hand. Of course, if
you don't have automake/autoconf/libtool/blah/blah/blah it'll barf.

If you don't want to go through all that rigamarole, you can try a
tarball that comes with configure prebuilt. In that case,

cd ORBit; ./configure --with-your-favorite-options; gmake; gmake install

Cory writes:
 > I checked ORBit (which was suggested to be the cause of the ".balsarc" file
 > problem) of CVS, but I can not get it to compile.  I think, but I'm not sure,
 > that I am supposed to run "autoconf" (I think this because of the existance of
 > "" in the ORBit directory) but it spews errors when it comes to
 > variables used, I think, by automake.  Am I behind (do I need a new version of
 > autoconf?) or is the cvs i got of ORBit unstable / developer code?
 > ~Cory

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