Re: website

> hey guys,
> i'm in the process of fixing up the website.
> its still somewhat unfinished, but if you want to take a look, it is at:

Looks updated

> I need some things to put on the FAQ page, any maybe some updated features
> content?  Anyone up to helping out?  There has probibly been a good bit of FAQ
> material on this list over the last few months.  I would really appriciate
> anyones help.

	The thing that strikes me, from scanning through the balsa-list
archives, that most of the problems that are with balsa are either fixed
in the new releases or are bugs that are going to be fixed.  
	A lot of the things that seem to go wrong are mostly problems with
compiling CVS, and the majority of them are people not used to the general
Gnome/gtk cvs way of compiling things.  

	I suppose we could rehash how to submit bugs, where the mailing
list is, etc.  


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