Re: configure failing on libPropList

hi Balsa fans,

>>	I tried to ./configure the .4.6.2 installation. I have libPropList-0.7.2-1
>>installed on my RH box, but .configure complains that I don't have
>>libPropList-0.7.1gnome-1 intstalled. Are they not backwards compatible? Is
>>there any way around this?
>Where did you get libPropList? 
>I can't find it ...

I would recomment not using balsa Though it can be hard work, you
be at least trying to use the most recent tarball... You won't enjoy using
an older buggy version much.

The most recent tarball release has been balsa 0.4.9.

LibProplist can be obtained from your local gnome mirror. (latest version I
see is 0.8.3)

Finally, the gnome tarball help page is probably the best page to follow if
trying to install the
whole gnome schebang from tarballs. From:

It's quite hard from tarballs, but it is possible... use the gnome-list
archive to check for common problems...


Wayne Schuller - BSc. (Computer Science) Network Administrator
Centre for Health Program Evaluation - Austin Repat Hospital - Heidelberg.
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