Knut's Patch, Mike's Patch, and mine.

Knut, et al. :)

I tried the patch and all went well.  There were some minor comflicts
between a this and a patch I'm working on, but I fixed that without
changing your code.  (Mine cleans up some ugliness in the send
multi-threaded code and starts to deal with the transfer/delete issue.)

I love the context drop-down menu!  I keep finding problems (one after the
other) with the 'transfer' code (not yours, the stuff that's in libmutt,
or balsa's use of mutt). What I'd like to do is to write a function to
force the index-page to re-load the mailbox and repopulate an index
(without destroying the notebook page). I may also write some convenience
functions in balsa-index-page.c to bring a notebook to the front using a
Mailbox pointer, find a notebook page from a Mailbox pointer, etc. (This
code gets duplicated in various places.)  I will have delete move messages
to the trash and commit imediately.  (I'm doing laundry and bored.)

Mike P. has an excellent progress bar that I'm putting in the code right

Incidentally, Hector seems to have fixed the SMTP thing -- it works
through my server now:  thanks.


On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Knut Neumann wrote:

> Hey there,
> I finally got it working. The included patch provides an extended
> context menu which has been got to run by providing a new set of
> functions:
> balsa_message_new, balsa_message_reply etc. (see balsa-index-page.h
> for details)
> These have the calling widget as well as the related index page
> (clist) as parameters I added those functions to balsa-index-page.c as
> I did not know where to put them instead. In addition I reworked the
> functionality for setting status which is actually commented out as it
> is only partially working - if you want to have a look uncomment the
> related lines in balsa-index-page.c:create_menu.
> Um and yeah, I also added macros for debugs and debug messages which
> reside in main-window.h and look like this:
> BALSA_DEBUG prints: [time] file | function | line BALSA_DEBUG_MSG
> (msg) prints: [time] file | function | line: message
> Have fun with it.
> Peter: could you test it and in case its working add it to cvs? Thanks
> -Knut
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Knut Neumann
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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