Some SMTP bug fixed

Hi all,

I returned home a lot earlyer that I through, so I whenn to fix the bug from
SMTP that David pointed out. It looks that I was using the wrong version of the
SMTP RFC (actually I know there are 2 of them, are there any more?)

I looks that there is another bug that the RFC talks about, when you send a dot
by itself in a line the client should add another dot so the server wonīt think
is the end of message character.
I have noticed that after the message passes througth mime conversion it
changes that type of dots for =2E.
So my question is. 
Do you fell that I should make the checking before sending or just believe that
libmutt will always do itīs job right?. 
I would prefer beliving in libmutt, because with less checkings smtp gets
faster, but since I looks that people doesnīt like libmutt too much I wanted to
know what you all think.

Fecha: 14-Dec-99

Hector Garcia Alvarez
Secretario de Scouts-es

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