Features for next release - and projected date?

On Thu, 02 Dec 1999 20:21:54 David Pickens wrote:
> First a quick question -- can someone give me a quick rundown on how to
> update the ChangeLog?  When I try to edit it manually and commit it
> directly CVS dumps me into vi.  When I use emacs C-x v-a it am able to
> edit the comments for changed files, but it still doesn't 'go through'.  I
> don't mind using -m "message", but it might be helpful to leave a record
> in the ChangeLog.

The thing to know is the CVS ChangeLog, what it makes you type in vi or
specify with -m, is completely different than the ChangeLog file. ChangeLog
the file should be edited however you like (I use the Emacs way) and committed
like a regular file.

> Ok, more importantly:
> Should we come up with list of features we do and don't want to put into
> the next release?

All the things that you listed are good. I just, however, learned of the full
power of that bug-tracker thingie we've got.... check out:

	The complete bug list
	For how to close bugs, etc.

It seems we have our work cut out for us.... :-)

> I also don't want to rush anything out for an arbitrary deadline, but it
> might help to pick a proposed date and aim for that.
> Just to pick a point to start the discussion:  How would 2 weeks be?

Sure, why not? 

Peter Williams peter@newton.cx

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