RE: Two small annoying things

You should check out Eudora 4.2.  It handles downloading better than any 
other email program I've seen.  It has a status bar at the bottom of the 
screen and you can continue to send, read and write emails while it's 
working.  Sending an email will cause it to go into the queue until the 
download finishes.

The new Eudora search function is really great too.  It lets you do regexp 
searches and it pulls up a list of doubleclickable matches.

These are two features that would be very nice to emulate.

>> >- no progress indicator during "check" ... so sometimes, with a lot of
>> >pop boxes, you think Balsa is frozen...
>> *nod* Some separate status window, like Eudora does, or something??
>> Please don't do what kMail does... it's very annoying to have a window
>> for each POP mailbox...
>just a short note: the eudora status window is sooo annoying. Why not use
>the status bar instead for things like this, like Gimp 1.1.x does.
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