Re: libmutt replacement wrote:
> It was mentioned that a replacement for libmutt was being worked upon. What=
>  is
> the status of that project, if I may ask?

Checkout 'libbalsa' module.  There is basically nothing there right now...

The idea is to generalize e-mail protocols and MIME messaging methods
into a central library (not dependent on GNOME) that Balsa will use.
Hopefully other GNOME projects will use it eventually too, through CORBA
if nothing else.

We are limited in many ways by libmutt, and coding time is much better
spent writing something new and better than hacking on the dying

However, we will be using libmutt until libbalsa is feature-complete, so
bugfixes will be cheerfully accepted.  (It might also be worthwhile to
see if the latest mutt versions have fixes that we should import.)


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