Re: Balsa .... kinda .

djflip wrote:
> i love the way balsa looks and feels, acts and runs. except 1 thing, it will not for anything delete Mail off the server is there a way to fix this or is this a bug ?

I consider it a bug; there needs to be a checkbox added in the Remove
Mail Server preferences, indicating "Delete Mail from server?"  At which
time, you would check this and get the behavior you want.

There is of course a way to fix it :)  POP3 code needs to grab that
checkbox value and act accordingly, which it does not currently.

IMAP code (which doesn't work yet) needs to pick up this checkbox value

Finally, the SMTP server setting is ignored, and outgoing mail is send
straight to /usr/sbin/sendmail (or whatever mutt decides is your local
MUA).  This needs to be fixed too.

Watch for checkins on CVS fixing these things, or submit a patch

In the longer-term, pavlov is designing a messaging and protocol API
that will support fully IMAP functionality.


P.S. exists.

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