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Hi Haggen, Max and all,

For the hackfest, I would suggest make it optional. Hackfest is somewhat independent with GNOME.Asia, it happened before or after the GNOME.Asia summit, the advantage to organize hackfest during Summit is to bring lots of GNOME hackers/expert to summit, they can be the speaker for the summit and also helped on the communication with local people.

It would be great if we can have a hackfest before or after the Summit, but this need someone as  a leader arrange it, process like to choose a right topic, invite hackers, figure out who will attending, set goal for the hackfest, apply for budget from GNOME Foundation, arrange transportation and lodging in HK, report/blog the achievement after the hackfest. To organize a hackfest, you can refer to this wiki:

I do think "Adapting GNOME to New Types of Devices" is an interesting topic, I also know that one company in Beijing are adapting GNOME to mobile device. If the topic is set, I am happy to help to contact developers from this company.

If the hackfest is optional, then the main program of the Summit could be:
2 days conference (main) + 1 day training before summit (Warm up)+ 1 day trip after summit (After hour).

Usually, GNOME.Asia Summit has two days main conference schedule, but this is up to you (organizer) to decide, based on the speakers' number, topics, local audience's interests and time.

For the training, we found it is really appealing when hosted in university. Many students like this part, they can learn something even they are new to GNOME. We also can provide certificate for students, Karen or  Brian can sign on the certificate, as ED and Chairman of the GNOME Foundation. It is also easy to arrange a training session, we only need to choose several topics from our speakers. 2011 summit's training session has a good example:

Then for after hour, it can be a one day trip (usually for speakers and organizer ), Party. movie or football match, this is various in different culture and country. Organizer can make the best decision.


2012/3/19 Haggen So <haggenso gmail com>

Hi All,

While we are negotiating for a venue and try to book the right hotel, it will be helpful to fix the scope the the conference. According to the original proposal ("">) It will be a 1 Day Conferece + 1 Day Tour + 5 Day Hackfest.
Emily suggested to have a community track. This is noted and will be considered seriously when we put together the conference schedule.

Is this the scope that everyone comfortable with? The 5 day hackfest is actually copied from last years' proposal. With GNOME 3 to be released, there were plenty of work to be done. As I know that a number of person are interested in the "Adapting GNOME to New Types of Devices", some topic within the hackfest can be related to that as well.

Any comments?



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