Re: Promotion of Call For Papers - GNOME.Asia 2012

On 5 April 2012 12:52, Sammy Fung <sammy opensource hk> wrote:
Hi all,

"submit paper" page is live on website for few weeks, and we already got 15-17 submissions (1-2 is test submissions by me/Will). Some of them are submitted by people in China, Europe and America.

After final confirmation of CfP document yesterday,
  1. Chandni already sent Call For Paper annoucement to several GNOME mailing list few hours ago.
  2. Max will send it to Taiwan and China community.
  3. I will send it to Hong Kong community.
Any other promotion/announcement we can work on to attract paper submissions ?


-Can you put a tentative schedule on the website of what you have planned in a tabular format like what we had for the desktop summit: so that people know about the plans?

if the venue is not confirmed, can we have the remaining bits before the week ends:
-tweet and blog rolls added (for promotion; later we can add the speaker's blogs to it) Even if Max's PGO approval takes time, these can serve nicely!
-updating the website with sponsors (that we have in hand. Do we have any local ones you were set out to talk to?)
-More pictures or picture rolls with all confirmed information from the proposal onto the website
-Full on marketing : tweets/blog posts/facebook/Google+


Hi, Will,

Would you mind to add the following on the submission form too ? :)
  1. date & time of form submission.
  2. a view of reading form submission in a single list, or export to CSV ?

Yours Sincerely,
Sammy Fung
Open Source HK Community Coordinator

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