Re: Lemote sponsoring GNOME.Asia Summit again

Good suggestion, Pockey.

在 2011年3月9日 下午1:22,Pockey Lam <pockeylam gnome org>写道:
On 03/09/2011 01:10 PM, Emily Chen wrote:

Let's announce we will have lucky draw session on the website.

BTW, for the lucky draw, we can think about  use questionnaire to collect the information and do lucky draw on those questionnaires.

Yeah, we planned for questionnaires to participants, it's one of the AI in the checklist:

Do you think you can start drafting the questions ? :-)

Regarding how to give away those three machines, I would suggest to give:

1) 1 x machine as biggest lucky draw prize for participants, we can arrange other smaller prizes like tshirts, signed posters from our hackers or board directors and so on

2) 1 x machine would be used for getting more Tech sponsors or business sessions participants, to call for action like:
"" Join the business sessions, learn how to run a successful GNOME business and win a xxx netbook worth $ 374!  ""

3) 1 x machine would be used for lucky draw during the speakers' party on April 3rd evening.
Since the machine is a MIPs based Free Software machine, it would be nice one machine can be distributed to one of of our hackers to do some cool things on it :)

we can either distribute the machine with a lucky draw or even we asked publicly who wants it? they can tell us what's the reasons why they need it and so on, we can all decide who to give, it would be fun as well :)

Indeed, some hacking (or contribution) on the machine will definitely help us to get Lemote as sponsor again next year~



2011/3/9 Frederic Muller <fredm gnome org>
Dear all,

We got confirmation that Lemote will sponsor the Summit with 3 netbooks this year again. Lemote has been a regular supporter since 2008, we lost them last year and they are back again in 2011!

So we'll have lucky draw or achievement prizes for the audience!

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