Re: GNOME.Asia 2011 follow-up

Hi Abhishek and Ashish!

It was fun to work with you and other volunteers in the summit (eventhough I lost my voice for two days;-)  Please continue to support GNOME by joining the local GNOME User Groups and keep your energy of GNOME! In order to thank all the volunteers, we would like to invite all the volunteers to join the GNOME 3 party in bangalore and Bharath will invite you to join a lunch / dinner after the party.

Besides, we need to follow up a few things with you and other volunteers, would you please help us to follow up and let us know the timeline of the tasks? Thanks!

1) number of registrants of the two days respectively - and other interesting statistics e.g. gender, cities, etc. there is any available - please make a list e.g. spreadsheet
2) email addresses of all the participants - you may collect them from the doattend tickets, and also add those that register on the spot. We are planning to send out surveys to them
3) the hate and love messages on the white board (I told a few volunteers to keep those post it and send us a list later)
4) number of volunteers in total (please confirm the number, and their email addresses, I would like to add them in the GNOME-asia-list and GNOME india list since they are GNOME contributors already)

5) ask the photographers to upload pictures in the GNOME.Asia website:
6) other interesting information you may collect (please ask all the volunteers)


On 04/08/2011 02:21 PM, Bharath Acharya wrote:
Hello Abhishek/Ashish,

First of all awesome job guys. The event would fall apart without the
help from both of you and the volunteer team. Thanks a lot.

@Pockey, Abhishek and Ashish are the head volunteers who managed the
complete volunteer team.


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