"Agreement" for COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010

Dear all, 

I found this "agreement" between COSCUP and GNOME.Asia, it was discussed
during the early IRC meeting with COSCUP. Please have a look when you
have time. 


In case you cannot open the document, below is the text: 

Fund Raising and Cost Sharing

We propose that the COSCUP Team (CT) and GAS Committee (GASC) work
independently on fund raising. CT will lobby local companies and local
branches of global companies for sponsorship. GASC will lobby companies
outside Taiwan.

We propose that the raised funds and costs are handled in the following

      * The cashier and accountant of CT will function as the cashier
        and accountant of the joint conference.
      * All funds go to the cashier for streamlined fund management and
              * GASC and CT will each appoint one representative to stay
                in contact with the cashier by e-mail about amounts that
                go in and out.
              * When a sponsor fee is wired into the conference account,
                the cashier notifies the corresponding representative
                and the conference accountant for bookkeeping.
              * GASC and CT will each appoint a representative (can be
                the same as the one above) that can authorize withdrawal
                of funds from the account after confirmation with the
                accountant that the amount doesn't exceed the current
      * The cost of the joint conference will be split into 3
        parts: COSCUP-specific, GAS-specific and shared.
              * COSCUP-specific costs: COSCUP speaker's expenses (travel
                and speaking) and COSCUP personnel's travel expenses.
              * GAS-specific costs: GAS speaker's expenses (travel and
                speaking) and GAS personnel's travel expenses.
              * Shared costs: all the rest
      * Funds raised by GASC will be used to cover GAS-specific part,
        and that raised by CT will be used to cover COSCUP-specific
        part. Both GASC and CT will do their best to cover the shared
        part together.
      * Budget deficiency:
              * In case CT or GASC doesn't raise enough funds to cover
                its specific part by 6/27, its program should be reduced
                to match the funding.
              * In case the total funding isn't sufficient to cover the
                total cost, the shared part of the budget will be
                reduced. The items to be cut will be decided jointly by
                the conveners of GAS and COSCUP.
      * Budget surplus: In case there is a budget surplus, the remainder
        will be split between CT and GASC according to the ratio of
        contributions to the shared budget. Formula:
        R1 = F1 / (F1 + F2) * R
        R2 = F2 / (F1 + F2) * R
        (R1 = what CT gets in the remainder, R2 = what GASC gets in the
        remainder, R = total remainder, F1 = contribution to the shared
        budget from CT, F2 = contribution to the shared budget from

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