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I think it would be useful if there were some additional "free time"
during the day, with the idea that people could set up "Birds of a
Feather" (BOF) discussions and other more informal meetings to discuss
free software together.
I will reserve an extra room so people can set some BOFs up "on the fly" based upon people's interests. That's very flexible.

For example, perhaps there could be a Wiki or a whiteboard at the
conference where people could say things like "people interested in
usability meet outside by the big tree during break time" and then
people could have some informal meetings to discuss common topics
together.  This sort of arrangement works really well at GUADEC.
Good idea. We can use a projector to show the updated schedule and announcement.
White board is also a good solution.

Thanks for suggestion.

The current schedule only has a lunch-time break.  I think it is
also nice to have two breaks per day.
GUADEC only have one break time but many free time slot. Since our Summit is only a two days event, we have to make use of every time slot because we have got lots of talk proposal so far.

Also, any plans to do any sort of "Lightning Talks"?
I really enjoy the "Lightning Talks" in GUADEC, but not every Chinese people understand what is lightning talk. I will try, but I don't how many will submit lightning talk to us. I can extend it to 5 minutes for each talk in case we only got 10 people to submit lightning talk.

Thank you, Brian.



Go to

It is the first arrangement of our schedule.

No. 1 Conference Hall : 280 people
No. 4 Conference Room : 40 people
No. 8 Conference Room:  70 people

Let me know your feedback (like time slot and color) on the first schedule.


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